Warrior Boosters

Warrior Football Boosters, Inc. (“Warrior Boosters”) is incorporated as a non-profit organization, established in 1996, which consists of involved parents/guardians, relatives, and members of the community who provide support to the football program at Meridian High School.  With the leadership and guidance from coaching staff, Warrior Boosters will help support and build the Meridian High School Football Team.  The Warrior Boosters has been established to develop and enhance MHS football.  JOIN TODAY

Through its memberships and activities, the Warrior Boosters provide financial support where needed for the football program at all grade levels through various forms of fundraising throughout the year.  Our football program relies heavily on parent involvement. Please contact an officer if you would like to help in any way.   Warrior Booster Organizational Structure

Booster Meeting Agenda & Minutes:

2018 Officers

Email Address



Warrior Football Boosters, Inc.
3313 W. Cherry Ln. PMB 319
Meridian, ID 83642

Booster Documents & Forms

Booster Objectives

  1. Warrior Boosters will kindle the involvement of parents and closer relationships between the parents and faculty of Meridian High for the benefit of the players.
  2. Warrior Boosters will support the activities of the football program and its coaching staff aimed at developing and enhancing the team and successful player experiences on and off the football field at all grade levels.
  3. Warrior Boosters will provide financial support where the school/District is otherwise unable to provide, which include, but are not limited to, equipment, activities, events and facilities. Warrior Boosters will sponsor a number of its own activities to compliment and/or supplement the specific activities of the football program and the school wide booster club of Meridian High, either individually or as a combined effort throughout the year.
  4. Warrior Boosters will promote attendance at football games by being an advocate in the community for our team.
  5. Warrior Boosters will encourage players at all scrimmages and games with team spirit and school spirit.
  6. Warrior Football Boosters meet once a month on the second Tuesday* of every month in the school’s library.
  7. Membership dues are $15 for a voting membership or $20 per couple.  Membership is not required to attend meetings.

*Unless otherwise noted